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PSYONIC's mission is to develop advanced bionic hands that are affordable for everyone worldwide. Our latest prosthetic hand technology allows for easy and intuitive muscle control, touch sensory feedback, and unmatched robustness.

Grasping eggshells while blindfolded and pouring water cups with PSYONIC's prosthetic hand with sensory feedback.

Building a Better Hand

PSYONIC's co-founder Aadeel Akhtar talks about our low-cost, high-tech, 3D-Printed prosthesis prototype for the world

"You came here with questions. You'll change the world with your answers. Welcome to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!"

The University of Illinois promotes PSYONIC technology to encourage questions and change the world.

Interview of Aadeel Akhtar and Retired US Army Sgt. Garrett Anderson testing out new touch feedback features for an affordable, advanced bionic hand.

Students from the University of Illinois have come to this country as part of The Range of Motion Project (ROMP). This initiative seeks to provide prosthetic and other orthopedic devices for the limbs at a low cost for amputee patients. The prototype of the myoelectric prosthesis offers the possibility of moving all five fingers and sensory feedback from muscle movements.

Aadeel Akhtar explains how the first 3D printed prosthetic with pattern recognition capability works. Read the full story here:

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