Redefining Human

Meet the first users of the Ability Hand.

These individuals are in the process of fittings at David Rotter Prosthetics in Joliet, IL and at Allcare Orthotics and Prosthetics Services in Rochelle Park, NJ. they have been a part of the development phase as their feedback and input has greatly shaped the features we are releasing and plan to develop in the future.


Garrett Anderson


Meet Garrett

Retired Army Sgt. Garrett Anderson lost his right hand in a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2005. He has been a test user of the Ability hand for the past five years an invaluable part of the team’s development phase.



Tina Brockett


Meet Tina

Tina Brockett is able to hold her granddaughter, feel her tiny toes and fingers, feed her a bottle, and change her diaper with her Ability Hand.



Kevin Herbert


Meet Kevin

Kevin Herbert is committed to helping people because of his passion for fitness and strength training, and through his work at Allcare Orthotic and Prosthetic Services. He's been a champion of the Ability Hand - finding ways to redefine what it means to be human.



Juan Suquillo



We met our first user, Juan Suquillo, in 2014 in Ecuador. He had lost his left hand 30 years prior due to a border war between Ecuador and Peru. After only a couple hours of using one of our first prototypes, he felt as though a part of him had come back.