Juan Suquillo

We met our first patient, Juan Suquillo, in 2014 in Ecuador. He had lost his left hand 30 years prior due to a border war between Ecuador and Peru. After only a couple hours of using one of our first prototypes, he felt as though a part of him had come back.


We went back to Ecuador in 2016 with a newer prototype. This was the first time he moved his new prosthesis on his own. He was also able to easily feel light and strong touch from the fingertips on his first try.


In 2017, we met with Juan again in Ecuador where he used our latest hand to drive a car and pick fruit native to his homeland.


Garrett Anderson

In the US, we’ve enabled Retired Army Sgt. Garrett Anderson who lost his right hand due to a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2005. With our technology, he’s now able to grasp eggshells without cracking them while blindfolded and easily grasp cups of water.


He’s also easily able climb stairs, exercise, and hammer nails into wood.