Redefining Human

At Psyonic, we believe everyone should have access to the best available prosthetic devices. With the Ability Hand™ Psyonic is redefining what it means to be human for individuals with limb differences. It’s not just about what our users can achieve, it’s beyond it.

The Ability Hand™ Product Overview

The Ability Hand™ is an affordable and accessible prosthesis with unique bionic abilities superior to anything else currently on the market.

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The Ability Hand™️
Key Features

Touch Feedback: The first commercially available bionic hand capable of multitouch feedback.

Suggested L Codes: L6629, L6880, L6881, L6882. In addition, a single L7499 code is suggested for touch feedback.

Lightweight: Comes in small (50th percentile female) and large (50th percentile male) sizes.

Multiple Options Available: Left, right, small, large

Durable: Robust design can withstand impacts



Attainable for Everyone.

The Ability Hand™️ is affordable, with the goal of being covered by Medicare in the US. All five fingers can individually flex and extend and the thumb also rotates. Most commercially available hands are large and sized only for males. Ours is 50th percentile female-sized and weighs 20% less than an average human hand. It’s also USB-rechargeable.

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the Ability Hand™️ provides solutions to challenges in today’s prosthetic Market.

Advanced prosthetic hands are fragile, slow, heavy, and expensive. On top of that, they don't provide users with touch feedback. We built the Ability Hand to solve these issues. The Ability Hand™ is a multi-articulated bionic hand that is robust, lightweight, offers touch feedback, and is the fastest operating hand on the market.


HOw does the Ability Hand™️ work?

Our hand is built such that it will work with most third-party EMG pattern recognition, EMG direct control, linear transducers, or Force Sensitive Resistors can be used to control the hand. Prosthetists will work with their patients to determine which system is best to integrate with the Ability Hand™. Each hand is equipped with patent-pending high-performance motors, compliant finger joint technology, a 7.4V 2200mAh battery pack, bluetooth connectivity, and sensory touch feedback. The hand will also be compatible with third-party wrist rotators and elbows.


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